Chinese Association for Biomaterials 


Outreach Committee

Qiaobin Xu, PhD (Chair)

Associate Professor, Tufts University

Yufeng Zheng, PhD

Professor, Peking University

Communication Committee

Donghui Zhu, PhD (Chair)

Professor, Stony Brook University

Co-Chair: Malcolm Xing

Professor, University of Manitoba

Member: Nan Zhao, Cunjiang Yu, Kevin Kang, Ke Huang

Membership Committee

Minglin Ma, PhD (Chair)

Associate Professor, Cornell university

Member: Li tang

Awards Committee

Ke Cheng, PhD (Chair)

Professor, UNC-Chapel Hill & NC State University

Member: Xiaoming He


Mei Wei, PhD (Chair)

Professor, University of Connecticut

Member: Hao Cheng, Dingying Shan

Bylaws Committee

Sarah Gong, PhD (Chair)

Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Co-Chair: Hu Yang

Member: Feng Zhao, Guojun Chen


CAB is a non-profit organization.

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