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CAB Awards in 2022 SFB

3 May 2022 10:49 AM | Malcolm Xing (Administrator)

We are pleased to announce the winners of the CAB Awards in 2022! The CAB Global Biomaterials Leadership Award is awarded to Prof. Guillermo Ameer and Prof. Xuesi Chen to recognize their distinguished leadership in advancing the basic and translational research in biomaterials. The CAB Mid-Career, Young Investigator, and Trainee Awards go to Prof. Guohao Dai, Prof. YiZhou Dong, Prof. Xin Zhao, Prof. Guojun Chen, Prof. Yu Huang, Dr. Yang Liu, and Dr. Yuyuan Wang, respectively, for their excellent achievements in biomaterials research. Please join us to congratulate all the CAB award winners!

Global Biomaterials Leadership Award

  • ·       Dr Guillermo Ameer (Northwestern University) 
  • ·       Dr Xuesi Chen (Chinese Academy of Sciences)


Mid-Career Award

  • ·       Dr Guohao Dai (Northeastern University)
  • ·       

    • Dr Yizhou Dong (The Ohio State University)

  • Yizhou Dong
  •  Dr Xin Zhao (The Polytechnique University of Hong Kong)
  • Dr Xin Zhao

Young Investigator Award

  • ·       Dr Guojun Chen (McGill University)
  • IMG_8354.PNG
  • ·       Dr Yu Huang (Utah State University)

Trainee Award

  • ·       Dr Yang Liu (University of Connecticut, Storrs Campus)

  • ·       Dr Yuyuan Wang (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

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